Your Guide to Pressing the Off Button and Falling Asleep Now


The few times my middle slept peacefully

Wouldn’t just falling asleep be awesome?

There is nothing more frustrating than tossing and turning, trying so desperately falling asleep, when nothing seems to be happening other than your mind racing between all your to do things, worries and problems.  You skip your after dinner coffee, you exercise, you don’t nap during the day, you tuck in at the same time each day but still, you only get a few hours’ sleep and feel exhausted every day.

Create your own off button and press it every night

Sleep, just like nutrition, is a primary need and sleep deprivation is our well-being´s number one enemy.  We get irritated and self-centered, we lose our focus and productivity and our life and worries that perhaps were the culprits of our insomnia just get more difficult to handle.  You need to create your own off button that works for you so start experimenting on what works for you.

De-clutter your bedroom and your life

De-cluttering your bedroom and your home is a good place to start and please have some fun while you are at it.  We all enjoy a mess free home though some of us are better at cleaning up and organizing than others.  Make a de-cluttering plan, such as one room a week, or one cupboard a week and commit to keeping the de-cluttered area a clutter-free zone.  Ask a friend for help or get professional help and just do it.  Give away things that do not serve its purpose anymore, discard thoughts that do not serve you well and make place and celebrate your most treasured things both physical and mental.  Make de-cluttering an active mediation on what thoughts and feelings do serve you well and what thoughts to cherish.

Organize your life and free your mind

I know a few free spirits whom are horrified by any organization efforts and feel trapped in a box like mindless herd followers, controlled by this invisible force called Schedule.  Living your life by an Excel sheet or color coding spices with homemade labels is not what I am talking about but rather to organize your life to free your mind from all the little things that need to be taken care of, whether we like it or not.  Make time each day to write down what needs to be taken care of such as what’s for dinner, urgent bills, upcoming birthdays and also bigger things such as problems and worries.  Find a way to make scheduling and listing tasks work for you and take pride in never forgetting any important thing in your life, despite your important job, hectic life or your free spirit.

Tame your racing mind

Taming our minds is probably the most difficult task on this list but also the most rewarding.  Our minds are creatures of logic and can accomplish amazing things but our minds become our biggest enemies when allowed to race wild.  Repeated thoughts get repeated and stamped more thoroughly into our subconscious mind with every repetition.  Our minds do not differentiate between positive or negative thoughts and allow every thought to run wild unless tamed.  You are in control of your mind and you are the only one able to channel your mind towards positive and constructive thoughts.  How?  The simple answer is; just say no, but you might need some practice.

Resources to get you going

The Sleep Hygiene Test is a good place to start and gives you a rough idea on what elements you need to consider in creating your off button.  I also recommend visiting my Quality Sleep board on Pinterest where I have collected sites from the Internet that offer free quality information and help on improving your sleep hygiene and creating your off button.  Some are straightforward but good reminders of being disciplined in terms of nutrition, exercise and use of technology in the bedroom but other are more geared towards taming our mind and include for example guided meditation, yoga for insomnia and sleep hypnosis to listen to in bed.  Experiment, keep what works and create your off button.


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