Perfect Body; The Three Elements of Your Perfect Body Formula


What if I would tell you that you can have a perfect body, full of energy, vibrant, awesome, gorgeous and oozing with sex appeal?  What if I would tell you that you can be focused, creative and ready to take on the world all day, every day?

Do you prefer a detailed in-depth video training on how to develop your perfect body formula?


You probably want me to say right now that there is a perfect body shape pill.  Sorry to disappoint you but I have something better.  This is not a pep talk preparing you for how difficult getting the perfect body measurements will be, how much will power you are going to need, all the things you have to give up and how much kale you need to eat.

Perfect Body

How to get the perfect body?

You already have a perfect body.  It’s time to stop fighting your body, blaming your body and badmouthing it.  Your body is the only one you have, so work with it and enable it to work for you.

Just be kind and do what is best for you and your body always.  When you adopt this mindset, everything else just falls into place.  Our thoughts manifest to matter in our bodies so send yourself positive messages through loving self-talk as you go through the tides of life.

The first element of your perfect body formula is a positive mindset

Taking care of your perfect body is first and foremost to develop a positive mindset towards your body and accept responsibility for your health.  A positive mindset means exploring what you want for yourself and what suits your body, your interests, your goals and your life.

A positive mindset also means accepting responsibility; to be responsible for making the choices that are good for you and serve you well.  You are responsible for exercising those choices by doing the right things at the right time.  That might mean going to the gym though you do not feel like it or not going to the gym because it might serve your goals better to go swimming with your children or even resting.

The second part of your perfect body formula is nutrition

There is no such thing as a perfect body diet.  Many find nutrition a difficult area to grasp and no wonder.  Food stores are filled with choices that just work against you.  You really need to educate yourself but the rule of thumb here, no matter what type of diet you prefer, is to eat as clean as possible.  Clean eating basically refers to going back to basics like choosing an apple instead of something with apple flavor or for example searching for ground beef that is actually 100% ground beef and not 80% plus fillers. Avoid all extremes, just do what is best for you.

The third part of your perfect body formula is exercise

I have been pointing out the need of becoming an expert in your own body and listening to what your body tells you instead of what society tells you.  You don’t need to get ripped to be healthy, you do not need to go the gym every day, unless you want to and you don’t need to push yourself to the point of exhaustion unless competitiveness is your thing. Exercise is one of the things where one size does not fit all.

There are many programs around focusing on a specific aspect of health and fitness.  Some are primarily aimed at weight loss while others focus on strength, stamina and perhaps a certain skill.  The basic premise is that exercise is your responsibility and along with positive thinking and nutrition, a necessary component of your well-being and happiness.

Practice self-love and remember that doing nothing is not an option.  Your already perfect body reacts to these three elements; positive thinking, nutrition and exercise.  React to this knowledge I am giving you, take your lists, educate yourself and get help if needed.

Just be awesome and happy experimenting with your perfect body

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