Yo Yo Diet: The Sarcastic Weight Loss Infographic Tutorial


Yo Yo Diet

yo yo diet

Yo Yo Diet: The Sarcastic Weight Loss Infographic Tutorial.  Allow me to present a bullet proof way to lose weight fast; Yo yo dieting in three easy steps without exercising or calorie counting.  Do you want to know exactly how to lose weight?  Just Yo Yo.

Yo Yo Dieting Effects

Let’s face it; we are so impatient.  We want everything now and for us women, that includes fitting in a certain dress before a certain date resorting to drastic measures.  These drastic measures, whatever they are, hurt us in the long run in ways such as decreasing our muscle mass and destroying our fat burning capabilities as well as risking our health due to the severe stress we put on our bodies.  Depression is also an accompanying factor but one of the most overlooked yo yo diet dangers is loss of self-esteem.  

Stop fighting your body

A diet plan is a yo yo diet plan if it involves excessive calorie restriction.   Don’t set yourself up for failure.  A massive amount of will-power, in this case, is not going to serve you well.  It is time to stop fighting your body, blaming your body and badmouthing it. Your body is the only one you have, so work with it and enable it to work for you.

Just be kind and do what is best for you and your body always. When you adopt this mindset, everything else just falls into place. Our thoughts manifest to matter in our bodies so send yourself positive messages through loving self-talk as you go through the tides of life.

Everything is good in moderation

Never submit your body to such abuse as a Yo Yo Diet and start loving it and treating it with loving kindness.  Making changes can be difficult but you will get there.  Take one small step at a time with the intent of doing more of what is good for you.  Everything is good in moderation, chocolate cake as well.  Focusing on all the things you need to give up or change is overwhelming and exhausting.  Focus on creating new healthy habits that make you happy and gradually these new habits will take over the bad ones. 

Do what is good for you

Will power alone when dieting is not enough in the long run.  You could, theoretically, subject yourself to cruel dieting tactics for a short amount of time, depending on your amount of will power.  You will, however, always fail because you are fighting against what you know in you heart is good for you.  Going against what is good for you is one of the most stressful things one can do.  

* results vary and yes this is sarcasm and not recommended

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